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Who We Are

A platform to monitor city environment evolution and its constructions!

We all want a sustainable development of the territory. Have a preventive control of buildings, identify the building potential of each place and improve the quality of life of citizens are ours main goals.
For this purpose a digital platform will be developed combining, Earth observation, virtual build information models (BIM), big data and powerful algorithms.


In stage one we will release a platform for monitoring the territory with weekly comparative satellite imagery that identify changes to the data of the geographical information system of the territory (GIS).

Holistic View

In stage two we will add open data. We will cross the changes of the territory with information available from the licensing entities This will enable us not only to check if the construction activity is regulatory, but also to see the potential of each construction area.


In stage three, we will be able to receive the projects in IFC files and their construction will be tracked by satellite imagery. This will guarantee that all the changes are in accordance with the planning previously defined and that the projects are executed as approved.

Where We Are

We participate in the esa business incubation centre portugal, incubated in IPN - Instituto Pedro Nunes.

Who Is With Us

Our partnerships are like stars!

Provider of Engineering, Architecture and Management services with the necessary skills and resources to take responsibility for all phases of a project: scouting, concept, design, licensing, negotiation, inspection, and much more.

Construction-project management software providing real-time access to construction scheduling, budgets, updated documents and much more.

SpaceLayer provides spatial and temporal patterns of pollution in urban areas. SOUL is an open-source dynamical geographical information environmental platform that aggregates air quality data, creating risk analysis and analytics.

Innovative content company focused on providing services in the areas of Planning and Spatial Planning, Environment, Geographic Information Technologies and OpenSource Software Development.

A business ecosystem marked by innovation, technology and entrepreneurship, focused on developing solutions in the vertical of smart cities.

Provides remote detection of archaeological sites and features based on satellite imagery.

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Rua Pedro Nunes, EdifĂ­cio C

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